Tooth Extraction

Posted May 19th, 2016 in tooth-removal

Our dentist offers tooth extractions for patients who require simple, complex and wisdom tooth removals.

Simple and Complex Tooth Removals

Why might I need a tooth removal/extraction?

You may need a tooth removed if a tooth infection is damaging the surrounding bone or is causing you discomfort. Your dentist will consult with you to determine whether or not an extraction is necessary

What is the difference between a complex and simple tooth removal?

Ask your dentist if you require a tooth removal. Depending on the level of work required, your dentist will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your oral health care.

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Wisdom Teeth Removals

Why might I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth may be removed if they affect your gums, jaw, and/or surrounding teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are unable to fully break through the gums. This can lead to bacteria and food getting trapped causing decay, infection and pain.

When should I get my wisdom teeth removed?

Every patient is different, so please consult your dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort.

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